Directdialogue , Lda ( hereinafter referred to as "Devotion – Made in Portugal") recognizes the

fundamental importance of protecting privacy, security and data for our customers and partners.

This Privacy Statement informs you of our privacy practices and the choices you can make about how

we collect and use information about you, including information that may be collected from your online

activity, use of devices and information provided toDevotion – Made in Portugal for recruitment

purposes or employment opportunities. This Privacy Statement applies to web pages, domains,

services, applications and products belonging to Devotion – Made in Portugal .

This Privacy Statement does not apply to third-party applications, products, services, web pages or

social media features that may be accessed through links we provide on Devotion – Made in

Portugal services for your convenience and information. Accessing these links causes you to leave

Devotion – Made in Portugal services and may result in the collection or sharing of information

about you by third parties. We do not control, endorse or make any representations about these third-

party websites or their privacy practices, which may differ from ours. We encourage you to review the

privacy policy of any website you interact with before allowing the collection and use of your personal



Lawfulness, loyalty and transparency

We process personal data in accordance with the law and with transparency and loyalty to you. Our

data processing activities are carried out: 1) with your consent; 2) in order to fulfill our obligations to

you; 3) for the legitimate purpose of carrying out our business, to promote innovation and provide a

seamless customer experience; or 4) otherwise in accordance with the law.

Notification and choice of data use

We are transparent and offer you clear notification and choice of the types of personal data collected

and the purposes for which they are collected and processed. We will not use personal data for

purposes that are incompatible with these principles, our Privacy Statement or specific notices

associated with Devotion – Made in Portugal services.

Data access

We provide you with reasonable access along with the ability to review, correct, modify or delete the

personal data you have shared with us.

Data integrity and purpose limitation

We only use personal data for the purposes described at the time of collection or for additional

purposes compatible with the law. We take reasonable steps to ensure that personal data is accurate,

complete and up to date.

Data security

To protect personal data from unauthorized use or disclosure, we implement information security

controls in our own operations and offer market-leading products and solutions with high levels of data

security protection.

Liability for subsequent transfers

We recognize our potential liability for transfers of personal data to third parties. Personal data will

only be shared when third parties are contractually obliged to offer equivalent levels of protection.


We collect and use personal data to manage your relationship with Devotion – Made in Portugal and

to better serve you by personalizing your experience and interaction with us. Examples of how we

may use your data include:

Customer experience

To continuously offer you a customer experience by maintaining accurate contact and registration

data, offering comprehensive customer support, proposing products, services and features that may

interest you and allowing you to participate in contests and surveys. We also use your data to provide

a personalized experience, personalize the Devotion – Made in Portugal services and

communications you receive, and create recommendations based on your use of Devotion – Made in

Portugal services .

Transaction support

Help complete transactions and orders for our products or services, administer your account, process

payments, arrange shipments and deliveries, and facilitate repairs and returns.

Administrative communications

Communicate with you about Devotion – Made in Portugal services . Examples of administrative

communications may include responses to your questions or requests, completion of service or

warranty-related communications, notifications with security reminders, or applicable business

updates relating to mergers, acquisitions, or disposals.


Maintain the integrity and security of our websites, products, features and services and prevent and

detect security threats, fraud or other criminal or malicious activity that could compromise your

information. When you interact with us, we will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity, such

as requesting a password and user ID, before granting access to your personal data. We may also

maintain additional security measures, such as CCTV, to protect our physical locations.

commercial operations

Conduct normal business operations, including recruiting, verifying your identity, making credit

decisions whether to apply for credit, conducting business and analytical research, reporting and

business management, staff training and quality assurance objectives and outreach programs.


Offer personalized promotional offers (according to your Privacy Preferences) about the services of

Devotion – Made in Portugal and other websites of selected partners.

Compliance with the law

Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, court decisions, governmental law enforcement

requests, to properly operate our services and products and to protect ourselves, our users and our

customers and to resolve any conflicts with customers


Personal data is any information that personally identifies you, or from which you can be identified

directly or indirectly. We may collect your personal data through your use of Devotion – Made in

Portugal services or during conversations or correspondence with company representatives. The

personal data we collect from you depends on the nature of your interaction with us or the Devotion

Made in Portugal services you use, but may include the following:

Information you provide directly

Contact Details – We may collect personal and/or business contact details including your first name,

surname, postal address, telephone number, fax number, email address and other similar contact


Account Data – We collect information such as how you purchased or subscribed to Devotion –

Made in Portugal services , your transaction, billing and support history, the Devotion – Made in

Portugal services you use and any other information related to your account.

Location Data – We may collect geolocation data when you enable location-based services or when

you choose to provide location-related information during product registration.

Security Credentials Data – We collect User IDs, passwords , password hints and similar security

information required for authentication and access to Devotion – Made in Portugal accounts .

Social media data – We may provide social media features that allow you to share information with

your social media and interact with us on various social media sites. Using these features may result

in the collection or sharing of information about you, depending on the feature. We encourage you to

review the privacy policies and settings on the social media sites you use to make sure you

understand the information that may be collected, used and shared by those sites.

Other Uniquely Identifiable Information – Examples of other unique information we may collect

from you include product serial numbers, information you provide when you interact in person, online,

or by phone or email with our services, support services or other customer support channels.

customer, or additional information that you have provided to us to facilitate the provision of Devotion

– Made in Portugal services. You are not obligated to share the personal data we ask for, but if you

choose not to share the information, in some cases we may not be able to respond effectively to any

questions you may have.

Automatically collected information about your use of Devotion – Made in Portugal services

Product Usage Data – We collect product usage data such as pages printed, print mode, media

used, ink or toner brand, type of printed file ( .pdf , .jpg , etc.), application used for printing (Word,

Excel, Adobe Photoshop, etc.), file size, time stamp, and usage and status of other printer supplies.

We do not scan or collect the content of any file or information that may be displayed by an


Device Data – We collect information about your computer, printer and/or device, such as operating

system, amount of memory, region, language, time zone, model number, first launch date, device

age, date of manufacture device, browser version, computer manufacturer, connection port, warranty

status, unique device identifiers, advertising identifiers, and additional technical information that varies

from product to product.

Application Data – We collect information related to Devotion – Made in Portugal applications ,

such as location, software versions and update details.

Performance Data – Print events, features and alerts used, such as “Low Ink” warnings, fax, scan,

integrated web server and additional technical information that varies from product to product.

Website browsing data – We collect information about your visits to and your activity on our

Devotion – Made in Portugal web pages and applications including the content (and any

advertising) you view and interact with, the address of the website of which it came from and other

clickstream behavior (such as which pages you viewed, which links you clicked, or which items you

added to your shopping cart). Some of this information is collected using Automatic Data Collection

Tools, which include cookies, web beacons and embedded web links.

Anonymous or aggregated data– We may collect anonymous responses to questionnaires or

anonymous or aggregated information about how our services are used. In the course of operations

we may also apply an anonymization or pseudonymization process to your data so that it is unlikely to

identify you through the use of this data with the available technology.

Information from third-party sources

We may also acquire data from third-party sources that we believe are credible and that are publicly

available or available on a commercial basis. This information may include personal data such as your

name, address, email address, preferences, interests and certain demographics. For example,

personal data may be collected when you access our apps via social media login (e.g. when you log

in to our apps using Facebook or other social media credentials). The basic details we receive may

depend on the privacy settings of your social media account.

To provide certain services at a business level, your company's contact details may be provided to

Devotion – Made in Portugal through a designated entity of your activity or company (such as a

member of your IT department). When necessary, we may also use information provided by you or

your employer, along with information available from public domain sources, online and offline.

To ensure data accuracy and provide a superior customer experience, providing you with better

personalized services, content, marketing and advertising, we may associate or combine the

information we collect from the different sources described above. For example, we may compare

geographic information acquired from commercial sources with the IP address collected by our

Automatic Data Collection Tools to derive your general geographic area. The information may also be

associated with a unique identifier, such as a cookie or account number.


Devotion – Made in Portugal does not knowingly collect information from children in accordance

with local law, and does not target its web pages or mobile applications to children.


To prevent unauthorized disclosure or access and to ensure proper use of your information, we use

appropriate and reasonable physical, technical and administrative procedures to safeguard the

information we collect and process.Devotion – Made in Portugal keeps the data in the terms

required or permitted by law and as long as the data continues to have a legitimate commercial



We will share your personal data as follows:

Share with service providers

We engage service providers to manage or support certain aspects of our business operations on our

behalf. These service providers may be in other global locations and may provide customer support

services, fulfill orders, deliver product, personalize content, develop advertising and marketing

campaigns (including digital and personalized advertising), provide IT services, provide e-mail, data

hosting, debt collection and management or support for web pages. Our service providers are

contractually obligated to safeguard any personal data they receive from us and are prohibited from

using the personal data for any purpose other than to provide the services in accordance with the

instructions of <> . We also take steps to provide adequate protection for any

transfers of your personal data in accordance with applicable law.

Compliance with the law

We may also share your personal data when we believe, in good faith, that we have an obligation to:

(i) respond to duly authorized requests for information from law enforcement agencies, regulators,

courts and other public authorities, including complying with the requirements national security or

other law enforcement requirements; ( ii ) comply with any law, regulation, court notice, or court order;

( iii ) investigate and help prevent security threats, fraud or other criminal or malicious activity; ( iv )

apply/protect the rights and assets of Devotion – Made in Portugal ; or (v) protect the rights or

personal safety of Devotion – Made in Portugal , our employees and third parties in property or who

use Devotion – Made in Portugal property where permitted and in accordance with the

requirements of applicable law.

Share with other third parties

We may also share your personal data with: (i) credit reference and fraud prevention agencies; ( ii )

debt collection agencies (for outstanding debts to us); ( iii ) insurance provider if you have purchased

an insurance policy through us (eg assistance packages); or ( iv ) other third parties, such as our

channel partners, with appropriate notice and consent. If you choose to provide personal data to other

companies, that personal data will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy of those

companies, which may differ from Devotion – Made in Portugal's policies and practices .


You have the option to subscribe to communications from us relating to specific Devotion – Made in

Portugal services . You can also choose to receive general communications from Devotion – Made

in Portugal and you can select how these communications are delivered – e.g. via post, email,

telephone, fax, mobile device or online.

You can make or change choices about receiving the subscription to general communications at the

data collection point or using other methods that are described in the following sections. These

options do not apply to communications that are primarily for the purpose of administering the

fulfillment of orders, contracts, support, product safety notices, driver updates, or other administrative

and transactional notifications where the primary purpose of these communications is not to

promotional nature.

subscription communications

Subscription communications include email newsletters, software updates, etc. that may be expressly

requested by you or that you have consented to receive. After requesting these communications, you

can opt out of receiving them using one of the following methods:

● Select the “ opt -out” or “ unsubscribe ” link in the email or follow the instructions included in

each email subscription communication

● Return to the webpage(s) where you initially registered your preferences and follow the

instructions for opting out. You can access many Devotion – Made in Portugal

subscriptions on the web page of the subscriber's choice.

● Contact our Data Protection Officer through the Data Protection Department. Give your name,

contact information and relevant specific information about the Devotion – Made in Portugal

subscriptions or marketing that you want to stop receiving.

general communications

Our general communications provide information about products, services and/or support. This may

include information about new products or services, special offers, personalized content, targeted

advertising or invitations to participate in market research or compliance reviews.

You can opt out of receiving these general communications using one of the following methods:

● Select the " Opt -out" or " Unsubscribe" link in the email or follow the instructions included in

each email communication.

● Write to the Data Protection Department. Be sure to give your name, contact information and

specific information relevant to your privacy preferences.



We use and allow certain companies to use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies

(collectively “Automatic Data Collection Tools”) in our Devotion – Made in Portugal services . We

do this to understand your use of our Devotion – Made in Portugal services ; improve your user

experience and enable personalized features and content; optimize our marketing advertisements and

allow third-party advertising companies to help us deliver advertisements specific to your interests

across the Internet. You can find more information about Automatic Data Collection Tools at: .

Our use of cookies

Cookies are text files that contain small amounts of information that are transferred to your device, or

more technically, to the browser you use on that device when you visit a website. The entity that

places cookies on your browser can then read the information in that cookie you have set. Cookies

are usually classified as “session cookies” that do not stay on your device after you close your

browser or as “persistent cookies” that usually stay on your device until you delete them or until they


Different cookies are used to perform different functions that we explain below:

We use cookies that are essential - Some cookies are essential to allow you to move between our

websites and use their features, such as accessing secure areas of the website. Without these

cookies, we cannot enable appropriate content based on the type of device you are using.

We use cookies to remember your choices - These cookies allow us to remember the choices you

have made on our web pages (such as your preferred language or the region you are in) and offer

improved and more personalized features. These cookies may also be used to remember changes

you have made to text size and font and other parts of web pages that you can customize. They can

also be used to provide services you have requested, such as watching a video or commenting on a

blog. The information these cookies collect may be anonymized and cannot track your browsing

activity on our web pages.

We use cookies to personalize your experience - We also use cookies to change the way our

websites behave or look and feel to personalize your experience with information we infer from your

behavior on our websites or information we may already have about you . yourself by the fact that you

are, for example, a registered customer. These cookies can be used to personalize our services

received by you or the content, look and feel that we convey to you in subsequent sessions on our

web pages. For example, if you personalize web pages or register products or services, a cookie

helps the web page server remember your specific information. The next time you visit our websites,

the information you previously provided can be retrieved, so that you can easily use the features of

the website you chose earlier. If you regularly use more than one device or computer, we may turn

cookies on so you can still receive a personalized online experience. We can also customize the

information you see based on what we already know about you, so you spend less time looking for

things. With the use of cookies, each visitor to our website can have a web experience that is unique

to them.

We use cookies for performance and analytics purposes - We use our own cookies and/or third-

party cookies and other identifiers (such as web beacons ) to see how you use our websites and

services in order to improve their performance and develop them. them according to the preferences

of our customers and visitors. For example, cookies and web beacons can be used to: test different

designs and ensure that we maintain a consistent look and feel across our web pages; track and

provide trend analysis on how our users interact with our web pages and communications; track

errors and measure the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns. We use Google Analytics by

Google Inc., for example, to track website usage and activity.

In view of the above, we would like to inform you that we currently use the following cookies:

Name Cookie type
(technical/session cookie or analysis/browsing cookie)
Domain Duration Own / third party
_cat Session 2 years Own
_ga Session 1 minute Own
_gid Session 1 day Own
Prestashop Session 20 days Own


Where applicable, we ask for your consent to the use of cookies and other Automatic Data Collection

Tools that store or access information on your device.


If you do not want to allow any cookies or if you only want to allow the use of certain cookies, please

consult your browser settings. You can also use your browser settings to withdraw your consent to our

use of cookies at any time and to delete cookies that have already been set. The browser help menu

or the website contains comprehensive information about the opt-out

process in different browsers.

Please note that by disabling certain categories of cookies, you may be unable to access some

features of our websites, or certain content or features may be unavailable.

If you have questions about our use of cookies, you can contact the Data Protection Department.

web beacons

Since web beacons are the same as any other request for content included in the recipe for a web

page, you cannot give these up or refuse them. However, you can disable web beacons in email

messages if you do not download images contained in messages you receive (this feature varies

depending on the email software used on your personal computer). However, doing so does not

always disable a web beacon or other Automatic Data Collection Tools in the email message due to

specific email software capabilities. For more information on this, see the information provided by your

email software or service provider. the web beacons may also become ineffective in some

circumstances by giving up cookies or modifying your cookie settings in your browser.

Embedded web links

If you do not want us to collect information about the links you click on, you can:

● Change your choice of how you receive communications from us (ie, choose a text-based

version of the message where available) or opt out of clicking links in emails we send;

● Delete the promotional icons pre-installed by Devotion – Made in Portugal on your PC

desktop or choose not to click on them;


You have the right to access any personal data that you have provided to us or that we hold about

you. In addition, you have the right to withdraw any consent previously granted or to request

correction, modification, restriction, anonymization or deletion of your personal data and to request an

explanation of the treatment. In certain cases, your request may be rejected on the basis of a

legitimate exception, such as where making the information available reveals someone else's

personal data or where we are legally prevented from disclosing that information.

contact us

We value your opinion. If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Statement, collection

and use of your data, or a possible breach of local privacy laws, please contact us:

Data Protection Department

Devotion – Made in Portugal

Rua Tenente Valadim, Lote 3, 1st floor, 2410-190 Leiria - Portugal or at

All communications will be treated confidentially. Upon receipt of your communication, our

representative will contact you within a reasonable time to respond to your questions or concerns. We

aim to ensure that your queries are resolved in an appropriate time and manner.

If we are unable to resolve your concerns, you have the right to contact your local supervisory



If we modify our Privacy Statement, we will post the revised statement here with an updated revision

date. If we make material changes to our Privacy Statement that materially change our practices and

privacy, we may also notify you by other means, such as sending you an email or posting a note on

our corporate website and/or network pages. social media before the changes take effect. This

Privacy Statement was last updated on November 4 , 2022.